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Why would I use a slide board over a treadmill or other cardio training equipment?

Slide boards, like treadmills and ellipticals, are a great way to work on our conditioning and cardiovascular system. These fitness aids were developed to provide an easy way to stay healthy and physically fit. However, a standard treadmill or elliptical can run from $300-$2500 and weigh over 100 pounds. A slide board can provide you with great cardio workouts, weighs 10-25 pounds, and has the added benefit of costing $100-$250. In addition to cardio workouts, slide boards are great for upper, lower and core body toning. Check out our slide board exercise page.

What size slide board is correct for an adult and what size is meant for a child?

That’s a good question. Slide boards come in 6ft, 8ft and 10ft lengths to help target different skill levels of individuals. The most common size, whether an adult or child, is the 6ft & 8ft lengths. If you’re just starting on a slide board we recommend using the 6ft slide board. If you have experience training on a slide board, our 8ft slide board might be the right fit. For those who will share the slide board with multiple people, we recommend our adjustable slide boards to tend to everyone’s needs and skill level.


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